Welcome to the Kingdom Restaurant



Kingdom Restaurant Operating Protocols During the Covid-19 Pandemic

  1. 1/4 restaurant capacity is allowed.
    35 people are allowed in our restaurant at one time.
  2. Self-check your health.
    Do not enter if you feel sick or have a cough.
  3. Your safety and that of others is important.
    A face mask or face shield is required.
    But 6-foot social distancing is required.
  4. We sanitize everything.
    All touched surfaces are sanitized before and after each customer.
  5. Please keep a 6-foot distance from other customers.
    There is tape on the floor at 6-foot intervals.
    Stools and tables have been properly spaced.
  6. Groups can eat together under certain conditions ONLY if living together or co-workers.
  7. No food sharing.
    If sharing inside restaurant, please ask for separate container.
  8. NOTIFY us if you get COVID-19 within 14 days of today.
    Kingdom cares. We will take proper steps to notify people and disinfect the facility.
  9. Your cooperation is appreciated.
    Failure to follow these guidelines and endangering others will lead to removal from Kingdom Restaurant.

We appreciate your understanding and your patronage during these very trying times.  We will be tripling our efforts to sanitize all food preparation areas to safely provide food to our customers for carry-out and delivery.  We hope to return to our normal business operations as soon as possible.

Thank You

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